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How to Make a Good Story [10 New Tips to Try]


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Stories serve as a means for us to exchange information and experiences, providing a captivating way to entertain and connect with our listeners. But what makes a good story? How to make a good story?

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If you share these uncertainties, follow to check this article with ten valuable tips to enhance your creative writing and help you construct engaging content.

how to make a good story

In this article:

Part 1: The Key Elements That Make a Story

Knowing the key elements that make a story is the first thing you should be aware of before heading to see how to make a story. Once you have these elements in mind, you can start to construct a story your own.

key elements that make a good story

  • Setting: Refers to the specific time and location in which the story unfolds.
  • Characters: The individuals responsible for driving the storyline and experiencing different trials and transformations.
  • Theme: The core concept or message that the story tells.
  • Plot: The series of incidents and actions that form the narrative.
  • Conflict: The central obstacle or challenge that the characters will confront.
  • Style: The distinct manner in which the author crafts the narrative.

Part 2: The Ultimate Way to Write a Good Story

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It’s not necessary to remember all the tips and tricks regarding how to make a good story plot. With the advent of AI technology, writing a good story can be perfectly fulfilled by using an AI story writer.

And iMyFone Novi AI is the one to be introduced. Though you may not have heard of it, it has been dedicated in providing users with limitless stories in high quality.

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novi ai ai story generator

With regard to not being able to write a good story, Novi AI serves to help with simple instruction you input. And the stories it generated are of diverse types per your need.

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Its Highlights:

  • 1 click to make good stories of different types according to your need.
  • Provide with different story styles for you to select.
  • Offer to create novels, plots, articles and other written text.
  • Help to generate videos further by converting the created stories.
  • Easy to use with no skills required.

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How to make a good story with Novi AI:

Step 1: Download and launch Novi AI to enter the home page, choose the Story Creation part.

novi ai story creation page

Step 2: In the input box, tell Novi AI what kind of story you want, select the style you need, and click Continue button.

input the text

Step 3: The story will be made in seconds. After that, you can right-click to cpoy it or use it to generate a video.

generate the story successfully

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Part 3: 10 New Tips on How to Make a Good Story

If you’ve tried Novi AI and still want to know to tips on how to make a story of high-quality, the following 10 tips should be your guidance to the road of story creation.

1 Set a Setting for The Story

The setting of your story includes the time and location in which the story unfolds, holding the power to evoke emotions, set scenes, and influence the story’s direction.

So, take it seriously and treat the background as if it were a character in itself, allowing it to express emotions and gradually unveil its essence.

It should play a meaningful role in your story, so opt for a setting that should enhance your plot, and consider how it will complement the development of your characters.

story setting

2 Brainstorm to Create Interesting Characters

A compelling story requires certain characters that leave a lasting impression on readers even after the book ends.

Just like real people, characters have their own personalities, actions, and words. Introducing your main character in a memorable way that highlights their distinct qualities is crucial.

Moreover, characters should possess unique traits that undergo development or transformation as the story unfolds. Inseparable from events, characters are shaped by their experiences, and their growth is intertwined with the narrative's progression.

3 Determine the Point-of-view

The point of view (POV) used in a story can completely alter its perspective. Opting for the first person allows for a detailed account of all events, providing an up-close and personal connection to the narrative.

On the other hand, using the third person focuses on a single character while maintaining enough distance to infuse the story with the author's own interpretations of events.

story point of view

4 Develop The Plot with a Rough Outline

This is crucial for effectively making a good story plot. It offers organization, guidance, and consistency, ensuring the story flows smoothly and maintains a clear direction.

The outline helps with character development, eliminates plot holes, and streamlines the writing process, making it more efficient. It also allows for flexibility and creativity while visualizing the overall structure of the story.

story outline

5 Include Different Types of Conflict

Intriguing stories require conflict, which drives character and plot development, infusing depth into the story and motivating readers to continue reading.

Whether internal, such as inner dilemmas, or external, like facing obstacles, conflict adds drama, tension, and momentum.

It is vital that the conflict makes people feel authentic and carries significance for both characters and the storyline.

story conflict

6 Ensure a Consistent Storyline

A crucial element in crafting a compelling story is establishing a central question or difficult inquiry that the story seeks to address, which is a consistent storyline.

This main thread provides focus, preventing the story from becoming confusing or disengaging for readers.

Introducing the central conflict early on ensures that readers are aware of the core question from the beginning, keeping them engaged, curious, and actively following its development throughout the story.

7 Include Different Types of Conflict

Effective dialogue plays a crucial role in storytelling, as it reveals the characters' personalities, propels the plot forward, and imparts valuable information to the reader.

Unlike real-life conversations, the dialogue of a story requires more depth and careful selection. It should strike a balance between sounding natural and minimizing the use of dialects and colloquialisms.

Keeping the conversations concise and engaging, and avoiding monotony is essential. Additionally, you should be mindful of the story's rhythm, ensuring it remains compact yet harmonious without becoming overly lengthy.

story dialogue

8 Show but Not Tell

The essence of a captivating story lies in skillful description. A talented writer can engage readers by portraying characters through their actions, which holds equal, if not more, importance than their thoughts and words.

Readers need vivid visualizations of characters and situations, which can be achieved through finely crafted descriptions.

However, this doesn't mean to spell out every detail explicitly. Instead, descriptions should set the scene by showing actions and dialogue, allowing readers to experience the story firsthand.

9 Write a Compelling Ending

A bland ending is not what we want to read. Though you’ve developed the whole story with many ups and downs, a failed ending will lead to a bad impression on your work.

This goes back to the very beginning, try to write a consistent storyline. A good beginning is the starting point to craft a good story, but the ending is also important for making a satisfying story, which should provide a sense of closure for your readers.

story ending

10 Edit Over and Over Again

Finishing the ending doesn’t necessary mean the ending of the process of your whole story creation. There is no one that can make a good story without modifying.

Try to polish your wording without changing the main storyline. Follow the rules listed above and edit your draft over and over again.

You can pass it to your friends, family members or someone professional for useful advice. As the first reader, they can always provide with constructive suggestions.

story ending


With these 10 new tips, hope you can know how to make a good story better. And of course, if you still have any clue on crafting a good story, giving this AI story generator, Novi AI a shot is not a bad choice. It can be your strong complement in the way to story creation!

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