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[With Guide] How to Get Unique Novels with AI Novel Generator?


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Whether you're an aspiring writer or an established author, you might have struggled a lot for not creating satisfying novels.

A situation where your creativity feels stuck, and it seems impossible to find new inspiration appears once in a while.

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And that’s why AI novel generator comes into play! The tool serves to relieve your pressure by making the novels for you in minutes. Get ready to explore new horizons and elevate your storytelling prowess with AI as your ally.

ai novel generator

In this article:

Part 1: What is AI Novel Generator?

An AI novel generator is an innovative technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate unique and original novels. It employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of existing literature, identify patterns, and create coherent and engaging narratives.

By harnessing the power of AI, novelists, and writers can tap into a wellspring of creativity, exploring uncharted literary territories and receiving suggestions for characters, plots, and settings.

Part 2: How to Get AI Generated Novels?

As it’s stated, to get AI generated novels, you can turn to a cutting-edge novel AI generator like iMyFone Novi AI.

This advanced tool utilizes advanced AI tech to analyze and existing data and produce the unique novels based on your requirements in 1 click.

Notably, it offers to create one novel for free now.

iMyFone Novi AI

Key Features:

  • Create unique AI generated novels or stories in a few seconds.
  • Make you a visual novel by turning the novel into a video.
  • Generate different novel contents according to different novel types.
  • Save you time and energy on creating novels.

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How to Make an AI Generated Novel?

Step 1:Download and install Novi AI to enter the home page, choose the Story Creation tab.

novi ai story creation page

Step 2: Briefly describe the theme of the novel you want, select the novel style, and click Continue.

novi ai create a story

Step 3: In a few seconds, the process will be finished. Click to Copy or Re-generate the story.

novi ai created the story successfully

Let’s check another result it generated:

Input Prompt:

Jason living in Time Square

Output Result (You’re welcomed to try it yourself):

Jason had always yearned for the hustle and bustle of a big city life. So when the opportunity came up for him to move to Time Square in New York City, he jumped at the chance.

As soon as he stepped onto the streets of Time Square, he felt a surge of energy course through his body. Everywhere he looked there were bright lights, massive advertisements, and a constant bombardment of sound and colors. Suddenly, it felt he had stepped into a world so foreign yet so inviting.

One of the things he loved about Time Square was the people. Since it was a tourist attraction, there was a fascinatingly diverse crowd. He saw different nationalities, same-sex couples, people of different religions and ages, buskers, street artists, and vendors. Everywhere was abuzz with life and conversation…

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Part 3: Hot FAQs about AI Novel Generator

1 Are the novels generated by novel AI generator of high quality?

Actually, the quality of novels that get generated can vary. Some AI models like Novi AI can create coherent and engaging narratives, while others may produce less refined or inconsistent results.

2 How can AI novel generators benefit authors?

They can be a valuable tool for authors by providing inspiration and suggesting new and creative ideas. By assisting in generating initial drafts, they serve as a starting point for further refinement and development of the story.

3 Can AI novel generators be used for other creative writing purposes?

Yes, they can be applied to other forms of creative writing, such as short stories, or screenplay writing for audiobooks. The underlying technology can be adapted and trained to generate content in various literary genres and formats.


In conclusion, if you're experiencing a creative drought and struggling to come up with unique novel ideas, the AI novel generator can be the solution you've been searching for. And tools like Novi AI can spark your inspiration while offer a time-saving and energy-efficient approach!

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