User Guide of iMyFone EasifyAI

iMyFone EasifyAI is an AI efficiency toolbox that operates on the Windows system. You can utilize multiple AI tools within a single program, eliminating the need to download multiple software. EasifyAI is designed to boost your work efficiency anywhere and anytime through its AI tools.

Product Instructions

If you need to use multiple AI tools and don't want to download numerous software applications, EasifyAI will undoubtedly become your most efficient assistant.

Step 1 Launch EasifyAI

Start iMyFone Easify AI and enter the main interface. From there, select the tool you wish to use.

easifyai interface

Step 2 Tool Loading

The first time you use an AI tool, the program will need to load. This process won't take too long, so please be patient.

easifyai interface

Step 3 Tool usage

1) Loading Complete

Once the tool has finished loading, the system will automatically launch the tool you have selected. You can then choose to view and use it.

easifyai interface

  1. After you use a function for the first time, you won't need to load it again for subsequent uses. You can directly open and use the function.

2) Tool usage: Image enhancement/colorization

1. Enter the image enhancement/coloring processing page.

easifyai interface

2. Select the images you need to process and upload them.

easifyai interface

3. Processing completed and saved.

easifyai interface

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