User Guide of EasifyAI RewriteX

RewriteX is your AI assistant and text generator. It can help you find answers to questions or directly generate the text you want, such as essays, homework, etc. We will introduce how to use this tool.

Part 1: Get Started

Step 1 Launch RewriteX

Install and launch RewriteX. The program supports running in the background, so you can close the main program window and keep RewriteX running in the taskbar.

rewritex interface

launch rewritex

Step 2 Chatting with AI

You can directly input your question or the requirements for the generated text in the chat interface, press the Enter key to send it out, and then communicate with AI through the chat to obtain the results you want.

rewritex chatting with ai

Step 3 Use the panel anytime

Once RewriteX is launched, you can press "Alt+Space" anywhere to open the panel and start sending the first message to AI.

use the rewritex panel

Step 4 Use Prompt

Prompt is a piece of text that guides AI on how to provide better results. Using prompts will improve your efficiency in obtaining desired results through AI.
RewriteX provides a wide range of prompts, covering various fields. You can find them in the Workshop, such as the "Universal Article Writer" that specializes in generating various texts. You can quickly select parameters such as topic, length, format, tone, etc., and then AI will generate the corresponding text according to your requirements.

use rewritex prompt

Of course, you can also use Prompt on the panel.
Find the prompt you want on the panel and click on it.

rewritex choose a prompt

Step 5 Use the Result

After clicking on the prompt on the panel, it will take some time to rewrite. Just wait a moment.

after clicking on prompt

The appearance of text on the panel does not mean that the rewriting is complete. It will be gradually rewritten. You can determine whether the rewriting is complete by whether there is a loading icon at the bottom of the panel.

gradually rewritten rewritex

Once the rewriting is complete, the following buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the panel, with the following functions:

buttons display at bottom of panel

  • Reprocess: Clicking on it will rewrite based on the question and prompt you selected again;
  • Copy Result: Copy the result text to your clipboard;
  • Insert Result: Insert the result text after your selected text;
  • insert result

  • Replace Result: Replace your selected text directly with the result text. This function helps you complete the entire rewriting process quickly.
  • rewritex replace result

    With this, you have completed a usage process.

    Part 2: Add Prompts

    If you want to add a prompt that suits you, you can follow the steps below.

    Step 1 Open the Create Prompt Popup

    Find the "Add Prompt button" in Workshop or Library, and click on it.

    add rewritex prompts

    Step 2 Enter Information

    Although there are many input fields in the popup, only two are required.

    • Name: Give it a nice name to easily find this prompt.
    • Prompt Content: How do you want the AI to process this text?

    rewritex enter information

    After saving, you can select "Added by me" in the Library to view all the prompts you created.

    add prompt in rewritex

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