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The 5 Popular AI Story Generators Based on Prompt in 2024


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As a content creator, not knowing how to generate a satisfying story can be painful. But what if you got a chance to try a free AI story generator based on the prompt you give?

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You must be willing to try it to ease your burden. If so, delve into this article with us to explore the 5 popular AI story generators that aims at creating stories of different kinds according to your personal requirements.

ai story generator based on prompt

In this article:

Part 1: Is it Possible to Generate Stories Based on Prompts?

Yes, it is possible to generate stories based on inputs using artificial intelligence models. AI language models, particularly those based on transformer architectures like GPT-3 or GPT-4, are capable of generating coherent and contextually relevant stories given a prompt or initial input.

These models can understand the context provided in the prompt and generate text that follows a logical progression, creating stories that often align with the theme or style implied in the prompt.

Part 2: The 5 Recommended AI story Generators Based on Prompts

1 Novi AI

To create different stories based on prompts, you have many options. But which one can take you to the free trip of story creation?

First, you can have a quick look at iMyFone Novi AI. The free AI story generator based on the prompt you input. To inspire originality and save time on writing then deleting, Novi AI is your must writing companion that aims at generating high-quality content such as stories, novels, articles and more written text.

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novi ai ai story generator

iMyFone Novi AI

Its Highlights:

  • 1 click to Generate AI stories with the given prompts for free.
  • Provide with different story styles that you should need.
  • Support to convert the generated stories into vivid videos.
  • Offer to make Children’s stories, modern stories, mysterious stories, etc.

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How to generate text based on a simple prompt:

Step 1: Download and launch Novi AI to enter the home page, you can then choose the Story Creation part.

novi ai story creation page

Step 2: Type or paste the prompt to the box, choose the story style you like and click the Continue button.

input the text

Step 3: The story will be generated in seconds. Right click to copy it or use it to generate a video now.

generate the text successfully

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2 Plot Factory

Plot Factory is an online platform that offers tools for crafting compelling storylines by providing narrative planning and outlines. Additionally, users can utilize its pre-made story outline templates to facilitate their story planning process.

plot factory

Its features include:

  • Offers with different character avatars.
  • Create your story with chapters, scenes, plots.
  • Edit your generated story with the built-in editor.
  • Allow to share your content with a sole url.

3 Rytr

Rytr, an AI writing assistant, offers a wide array of features to streamline and enhance the writing process. Leveraging advanced natural language processing algorithms, it generates high-quality content such as articles, emails, and narratives.

Users can access over 30 languages and 20 tone types, with the option to personalize content through prompts.

rytr story generator ai

Features are:

  • 40+ use cases and different templates to suit different needs.
  • Support over 30 languages.
  • Offer 20+ tones of voice for different characters.
  • Store and organize your generated content for later use.

4 is an inclusive writing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to craft original and imaginative stories by analyzing prompts.

Users can tailor the story's length, genre, and tone to suit their preferences. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily interact with the AI, provide feedback and make some adjustments if needed.

dreampress ai story generator

Key features:

  • Provide with interesting stories written by others for reference.
  • Offer different story types to decide which suit your need.
  • A library of photos that match with the created stories.
  • Web-based without the need to install a desktop software.

5 TinyWow

Though TinyWow is more of a toolbox with all features that you can imagine, its story generator tool is still a worth-checking among all of the functions.

The typical feature of it is that it can generate story based on prompt. All you have to do is type in your topic or and choose how long you would like the story to be. Though it offers no different story styles to choose from, it’s still worth checking.

tinywow ai story generator

Listed are its features:

  • Support to choose how many paragraphs you want.
  • Allow to continue writing if not satisfying.
  • You can download it as a file directly.
  • Fast in processing the requirements.


Do you find the AI story generator that based on prompt you like? All mentioned above are easy to use that have been tried by many users. But among all of them, it’s recommended to try Novi AI, which makes story creation easy with 1 click and offer to convert the generated story into an original video later on.

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