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Children’s Story Ideas: The Ultimate Tips to Get the Best Prompts


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As a storyteller, you understand that creating a captivating children's story is an endeavor that requires a spark of inspiration

Whether you're an aspiring children's author or a seasoned writer seeking fresh ideas, this article is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of captivating children's story ideas.

So, get ready to dive into the ultimate tips and strategies that will guide you toward discovering the best prompts that will engage your young readers.

children's story ideas

In this article:

Part 1: What Types of Ideas Work in Children's Story?

To generate a great idea for writing a children’s story, knowing what works in the market and what they like is the foremost important thing. Listed below are some types of ideas that work in children’s story. If you don’t have any idea, check the list first.

Magical and Fantasy Worlds: Transport children to enchanting realms filled with mystical creatures, magical powers, and extraordinary adventures.

Animal Adventures: Animals have always fascinated children. Create stories where animals take center stage, embarking on thrilling journeys, overcoming challenges, and learning valuable lessons.

Humor and Comedy: Clever wordplay, amusing situations, and quirky characters can bring laughter and joy, making the reading experience delightful.

Everyday Life Adventures: Stories set in familiar settings and situations can resonate with children, allowing them to connect with the characters and their experiences.

Imagination and Creativity: Celebrate the power of imagination and creativity by crafting stories where children can explore their own imaginative potential.

Folktales and Fairy Tales: Draw inspiration from traditional folktales and fairy tales, infusing them with fresh twists and modern sensibilities.

Part 2: The Ultimate Children's Story Ideas Generator

You may ask: What’s the best way to get the unlimited ideas for writing children’s stories? The answer is: Try this children’s story ideas generator iMyFone Novi AI.

Why it? Because the distinctive feature of it is that it can generate a story for you with the simple instruction you give.

And it offers different story styles for you to choose from, for your writing the story in any type, just tell it what you want and sit back to collect your story.

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How Novi AI get you an idea for children’s story?

Step 1: Install Novi AI and go to the home page, choose the Story Creation tab.


Step 2:In the input box, give your instruction about what story you want. Select the story style you need and click the Continue button.

 novi ai create a story

Step 3: When the process is finished, click to Copy or Re-generate the story as you like.

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Part 3: Prompts for Different Children’s Story Ideas

Though there are many children’s stories of different kinds, they can be summed up into several categories. And check the prompts below to see if you can get the one you like to begin your writing journey.

1 Animal Adventures

  • A brave rabbit embarks on a mission to save their woodland friends from imminent danger.
  • A curious kitten discovers a hidden treasure map and sets off on a daring adventure.
  • A mischievous monkey and a wise owl join forces to solve a mystery in the jungle.
  • A group of farm animals work together to outsmart a cunning fox and protect their home.
  • A courageous dog befriends a lost wolf cub and helps it find its way back to the pack.

animal adventures stories for kids

2 Fairy Tales and Folktales

  • A humble shoemaker receives magical shoes that bring good luck to anyone who wears them.
  • Two siblings encounter a mischievous gnome who grants them three wishes, leading to unexpected consequences.
  • A young girl with a kind heart breaks a spell and transforms a grumpy bear into a prince.
  • A young girl with a kind heart breaks a spell and transforms a grumpy bear into a prince.
  • A brave fisherman discovers a magical fish that grants him a wish but teaches him a valuable lesson about greed.

fairy-tales and folktales stories for kids

3 Adventure and Quests

  • A group of friends sets out on a quest to find a legendary treasure hidden deep in an enchanted forest.
  • A group of friends sets out on a quest to find a legendary treasure hidden deep in an enchanted forest.
  • A brave knight must rescue a captured princess from a formidable dragon's lair.
  • Two siblings embark on a magical journey to reunite a fractured kingdom and restore harmony.
  • A group of young wizards-in-training embarks on a perilous quest to defeat an evil sorcerer and restore peace to their land.

adventure and quests stories for kids

4 Friendship and Social Themes

  • A shy girl befriends a new classmate and learns the power of acceptance and inclusivity.
  • A shy girl befriends a new classmate and learns the power of acceptance and inclusivity.
  • Two best friends navigate a disagreement and learn the importance of communication and forgiveness. dragon's lair.
  • A lonely robot discovers the value of friendship when it meets a kind-hearted child who teaches it to laugh and love.
  • A boy with a disability forms an unlikely bond with a stray dog and shows the world the true meaning of friendship.

friendship and social themes stories for kids

5 School and Family Life

  • A new student arrives at a school for magical beings and tries to fit in while embracing their own unique abilities.
  • A brother and sister work together to organize a surprise party for their parents, learning the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
  • A group of classmate band together to stand up against a school bully and create a more inclusive and compassionate environment.
  • A young girl navigates the ups and downs of sibling rivalry and learns to appreciate her brother's unique qualities.
  • A student discovers a hidden message in their family's attic, unraveling a generations-old mystery that brings their family closer together.

school and family life stories for kids

6 Humor and Comedy

  • A clumsy wizard-in-training keeps causing magical mishaps while trying to earn their wizarding diploma.
  • A group of animals puts on a talent show with hilarious results as they showcase their unusual skills and hidden talents.
  • A mischievous elf wreaks havoc in Santa's workshop, leading to a comical chain of events on Christmas Eve.
  • Two rivaling families engage in a series of amusing pranks that ultimately teach them the importance of friendship and unity.
  • A young superhero tries to balance their crime-fighting duties with their everyday life, leading to humorous situations and funny mishaps.

humor and comedy stories for kids


Whether you want to write in any topic, getting creative children's story ideas can somehow be a difficulty. But now, the problem can be smoothly solved with Novi AI, just give it your order and you can get the whole story better than a simple prompt.

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