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  • Generate videos based on text
  • Make me a great story
  • Instantly translate the text correctly
  • Can sort up my table files
  • Enhance the old pictures
  • Repair my broken videos
  • Recommended! Magical!
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iMyFone EasifyAI

( Reviewed by 104 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone EasifyAI

iMyFone EasifyAI is a powerful AI toolbox. With the built-in tools, you can convert text to video, rewrite or translate text, automatically emojify the content, repair broken videos, photos, files, enhance photos, etc. All can be fulfilled within this tiny yet magical box!

  • By Ahned 2023-11-03

    I've rediscovered some of my old, cropped photos in a new light, all thanks to EasifyAI.

  • By Thomas 2023-11-03

    Using EasifyAI, I've been able to get larger prints of previously cropped photos, thanks to the Uncrop image feature. The expanded areas blend in so naturally.

  • By Michelle 2023-11-03

    Never before have I come across a tool that extends photos so seamlessly. It's almost like EasifyAI knows the story behind each picture.

  • By CHUN 2023-11-02

    Expanding images without a drop in quality or consistency is a challenge. EasifyAI not only meets but exceeds expectations.

  • By atsushi 2023-11-01

    For someone who often works with limited photo resources, the Uncrop image feature in EasifyAI has been a boon. The expansions are artful and indistinguishable from the original.

  • By Co 2023-11-01

    For anyone wanting to give their photos a unique, artistic edge, EasifyAI's Animate Photos is a game-changer. The comic transformations are not just filters; they're a form of art.

  • By Paavo 2023-11-01

    I had a limited number of photos for my portfolio, but the Uncrop image tool in EasifyAI allowed me to present them in new, broader dimensions. It's a fantastic tool for professionals.

  • By Corry 2023-11-01

    I was skeptical at first, but EasifyAI's ability to restore and enlarge images while retaining their original essence is nothing short of magic.

  • By donald 2023-11-01

    I love playing with the Uncrop image feature. Seeing how EasifyAI can imaginatively expand my photos while maintaining the original style is truly impressive.

  • By SHINJI 2023-10-30

    I used to regret cropping some of my photos too aggressively. Now, with EasifyAI, those regrets are a thing of the past.

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