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  • Generate videos based on text
  • Make me a great story
  • Instantly translate the text correctly
  • Can sort up my table files
  • Enhance the old pictures
  • Repair my broken videos
  • Recommended! Magical!
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iMyFone EasifyAI

( Reviewed by 104 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone EasifyAI

iMyFone EasifyAI is a powerful AI toolbox. With the built-in tools, you can convert text to video, rewrite or translate text, automatically emojify the content, repair broken videos, photos, files, enhance photos, etc. All can be fulfilled within this tiny yet magical box!

  • By Jean Marc Merine 2023-11-08

    Using EasifyAI, I've created some of the coolest comic-style portraits of my family. The Animate Photos tool is intuitive and delivers impressive results every time.

  • By POLANCO 2023-11-07

    The Uncrop image feature in EasifyAI feels like magic! Being able to expand photos beyond their original frame while retaining the style is game-changing.

  • By Hassan 2023-11-07

    I accidentally cropped an important section out of my image, and I thought it was gone for good. EasifyAI expanded it back, matching the original style perfectly. I was astonished!

  • By Ledoux 2023-11-06

    I had a landscape shot with missing details on the sides. EasifyAI's Uncrop image tool worked wonders in extending the scene flawlessly.

  • By Meline 2023-11-05

    EasifyAI truly delivers on its promise. The Uncrop image feature revitalized some of my most cherished photos, expanding them without compromising quality.

  • By Elzinga 2023-11-05

    I threw a superhero-themed party for my son and used the Animate Photos tool for the invites. The comic transformations were a massive hit among the kids and parents alike!

  • By yositang 2023-11-05

    I've always been a fan of comic art, and EasifyAI's Animate Photos lets me see my world through that lens. It's exciting, dynamic, and adds an element of fun to my memories.

  • By Lap Yan 2023-11-04

    EasifyAI has made comic art accessible to everyone. With Animate Photos, I feel like an artist, transforming images with just a few clicks.

  • By Oscar 2023-11-03

    As a photographer, I can't stress enough the value of EasifyAI's Uncrop feature. It offers a second chance to get the perfect frame.

  • By Willian 2023-11-03

    EasifyAI's Uncrop image tool has saved countless projects for me. The expansions are always on point.

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