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  • Generate videos based on text
  • Make me a great story
  • Instantly translate the text correctly
  • Can sort up my table files
  • Enhance the old pictures
  • Repair my broken videos
  • Recommended! Magical!
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iMyFone EasifyAI

( Reviewed by 104 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone EasifyAI

iMyFone EasifyAI is a powerful AI toolbox. With the built-in tools, you can convert text to video, rewrite or translate text, automatically emojify the content, repair broken videos, photos, files, enhance photos, etc. All can be fulfilled within this tiny yet magical box!

  • By Izaia 2023-11-13

    A game-changer in photo editing! Uncrop image gave new life to many of my pictures which were previously limited by their frame.

  • By Kyle 2023-11-12

    EasifyAI's Uncrop image tool is a lifesaver. I managed to restore an old family photo and bring it back to its original size. The results were seamless and truly amazing!

  • By SU 2023-11-12

    Photo restoration has reached new heights with EasifyAI. Expanding and enhancing at the same time is truly innovative.

  • By YOUSEI 2023-11-12

    Impressed is an understatement. The expanded photos look as though they were originally shot that way.

  • By Max 2023-11-10

    Being a photographer, I've explored countless editing tools, but nothing quite matches the magic of EasifyAI's Animate Photos. It's refreshing, innovative, and incredibly fun.

  • By cowan 2023-11-09

    The Animate Photos feature isn't just a tool; it's a creative playground. Playing with comic effects on EasifyAI has become my new favorite pastime.

  • By Worakrit 2023-11-09

    A friend recommended EasifyAI's Uncrop feature when I lamented over a mistakenly cropped image. Now, I can't imagine working without it.

  • By natcha 2023-11-09

    Sharing my travels on social media has leveled up with EasifyAI. Turning landscapes into comic-inspired scenes has given my feed a unique twist that people can't stop talking about.

  • By Gary 2023-11-08

    In the past, cropping errors would ruin my shots. But with EasifyAI, I can confidently expand those images back, and they look as authentic as the originals.

  • By Dinh 2023-11-08

    I was pleasantly surprised by how EasifyAI's Animate Photos feature turned my everyday photos into captivating comic-style artworks. It's like having a personal graphic designer on hand.

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