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EasifyAI Novi AI

( Reviewed by 17 Users )

User Reviews of EasifyAI Novi AI

EasifyAI Novi AI is a widely praised AI story-to-video generator. It's trusted by users around the world to make unique videos for different needs, and we believe you'll like it too! Check reviews from our users below and feel free to leave your comments.

  • By Kanchan 2023-08-19

    I like the video content you made for me.

  • By Sam 2023-08-17

    The quality of videos produced is astounding. It's as if I have a personal filmmaker taking my stories and making them come alive.

  • By Johnny 2023-08-16

    I've watched a YouTube video that taught me how to make a story video, and the video asked me to try like 4 apps. But this Novi AI can do all the stuff. Thank you.

  • By Lindsey 2023-08-13

    Not bad. I used it to create stories with prompts. Quite simple I think.

  • By Giorgos 2023-08-11

    Can you help to write stories and then convert them to videos? With only your app?

    iMyFone replied:

    Yes. Novi AI can write stories for you, and then you can turn the generated stories into original videos of different styles.

  • By Evans 2023-08-08

    I've successfully converted my story to video! It saved me time on making a video. Thank you.

  • By Hassan 2023-07-29

    Being a marketer, storytelling is key. This tool has elevated my campaigns by converting simple narratives into engaging video content. Highly recommend!

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